Restaurant in Palinuro Ristopescheria La Pergola

The taste of the sea in our dishes

Ristopescheria La Pergola: restaurant in Palinuro

Since time immemorial Ristopescheria La Pergola follows the tastes of diners with the best catch of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Every day, since 1977, we bring to the table the specialties of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Ristopescheria La Pergola guarantees a supply chain at km 0 from the fishing boat to the kitchen. In this way all the authenticity and freshness of freshly caught fish is preserved.

You will be able to taste many fish dishes, prepared according to tradition, in a comfortable and welcoming environment immersed in the surprising naturalistic proscenium of the Cilento coast.

Every day we ensure a wide assortment of seasonal fish that you can order and bring directly to your home or enjoy it in the various culinary variations proposed by our chef.


Seafood cuisine

Every day we prepare succulent fish dishes with the best fish caught at km 0 directly from the fishing boats of Palinuro. Each dish tells of the highest culinary expression cloaked by the voice of the sea.

Ordering fish

Ristopescheria La Pergola offers you a wide choice of fish: you can book and pick it up at the restaurant or you can order the fruits of the catch to taste directly in our restaurant cooked according to tradition.


Our cuisine faithfully respects the culinary tradition of Cilento. Our chef is a skillful interpreter of the best recipes revisited also in a modern key. In our restaurant in Palinuro you will taste the true taste of the sea at every bite.


Ristopescheria La Pergola offers a fine list of local, national and foreign wines. Each dish will be accompanied by the best bottle to fully enhance the flavors of the dishes. You will be accompanied in the paths of ambrosia by our expert sommeliers.

Menu of the day

Food is an experience to live. Every day, in fact, depending on the catch, we offer daily menus to be enjoyed to rediscover our culinary tradition in a location of choice immersed in the beautiful Palinuro


Come and taste our wood-fired pizza: always fresh and native ingredients that will convince your palate.

An extensive menu awaits you: between classic and revisited pizzas you will live a surprising taste experience


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